- BVEE can be your one source for varieties of parts.

- Our engineering and fabrication capabilities can quickly design and manufacture custom solutions.

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BVEE Engineering Equipment

BVEE can be your one source for varieties of parts.

BVEE Engineering Equipment (Chang Zhou) Co.,Ltd. is a professional solution provider with rich experience in fabricating spare parts of heavy machinery which is located in Changzhou city.BVEE covers an area of more than 15000m2 for workshop,and integrates,


research,design,manufacture,installment,erection/commissioning,transportation & after-sale service in an entity to provide users with a full range of service. BVEE aims to be the leading manufacturer of heavy machinery spare parts and keeps cooperation with international renowned companies. BVEE has been qualified and incorporated into the supply chain of many top industrial leaders.


The products of BVEE Engineering Equipment(Chang Zhou) Co.,Ltd. consist of tyre crane, bridge crane,travelling mechanism, wheel, wheel assembly,sheave,sheave assembly,bearing housing,drum, shaft,hook assembly,structure parts,stacker-reclaimer, rail and rail clip etc .BVEE is committed to providing heavy machineries spare parts applied in ports,offshore,ship-building,mining&industry,railway transportation sectors.


BVEE can be your one source for varieties of parts. Our engineering and fabrication capabilities can quickly design and manufacture custom solutions, meeting both your timetable and safety requirements.

BV Engineering Equipment

The company is equipped with a physicochemical center testing laboratory,with sufficient testing instruments and equipments.It can finish various physicochemical tests,including metallography,mechanics,detection,chemical analysis etc.Main testing equipments and their functions are as follows:

★ MAXX direct-reading spectrometer:for site and finished product chemical elements measurement. ★ Analyzer ONH-2000: control and analysis for[O],[N]and[H]before HT or finished product.
★ Nulti-LatceloXV21IEI oxygen analyzer:for on-line measuring oxygen content in molten steel. ★ XJl-02A vertical metallographic microscope:for metal material metallographic testing.
★ HB-3000 Brinell hardness tester:for measuring Brinell hardness of metal material. ★ SK2-2.5 13TS double-tube high-temperature carbon analyzer:for measuring carbon and sulphur percentage in metal material.
★ TG328-A(B) type electro-optical analytical balance.722S visible spectrophotometry:for measuring chemical constitution of metal material. ★ WE-600 hydraulic universal material testing machine:for testing mechanics performance of metal material.
★ DUT-860 digital ultrasonic crack detector:for metal material(forged parts) ultra sonic crack detection. ★ JBW-300B screen semi-auto impact machine:for metal material(forged parts)impact test.

Quality Management

★ BVEE Engineering Equipment (Chang Zhou) Co.,Ltd.QMS:
Since the establishment, the company has set up a quality management system according to ISO9001:2008 and effectively implements it, emphasizing on procedure control and process management with continuous improvement and full participation of all staffs.

The company focuses on product quality check in upstream of the value chain,and applies traceability management.Regular training is conducted to constantly enhance the quality awareness of staff and with ultimate aim to enhance product quality.

★ Quality Certification:
The company has obtained ISO 9001:2008 Authentication Certification and has regarded quality based on “High-quality, High-efficiency and effective program management”as the lifeline for development. This will constantly improve the product quality and be above industry standard at all times.

★ Personnel Qualification:
The company possesses an excellent quality control team, which includes international welding engineers, NDT engineers, coating inspection engineers with industry-recognized qualification.



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