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Port machinery, port machinery and equipment, port machinery prices
[What should I pay attention to when testing port machinery?]
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What should I pay attention to when testing port machinery?


With the continuous improvement of the port, its port machinery is also making continuous progress. It plays a key role in the whole hoisting. In order to ensure safety, non-destructive testing is usually carried out. Through timely investigation, you can know where there is a fault. Can quickly remediate and avoid accidents.


As the main component in port machinery, the detection of the main beam is very important. During the long-term use, the main beam is subjected to numerous loads such as alternating load and pressure, which causes the fatigue failure of the metal to cause various defects. At the same time, it is affected by oxidation, corrosion, environment and other factors, which will reduce the safety of its use. . The detection and evaluation of the active defects of the main beam is an important measure and means to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.

The inspection of port mechanical welds is divided into off-line inspection and on-line inspection. Off-line inspection refers to the quality inspection of the weld before the component is welded or before the factory is welded. Offline testing is a necessary guarantee of product quality. On-line inspection refers to the quality inspection and monitoring of the weld when the crane is working during service, which is a necessary guarantee for safe production.

For the hook head of the port machinery, magnetic particle inspection is generally used for surface crack detection. In addition to the relief groove and neck root of the hook nut, the bending part of the hook should also be the focus of fatigue crack inspection. The combination of the coil method and the yoke method for longitudinal magnetization inspection can better detect cracks. The coil method can find defects perpendicular to the coil axis, and the neck portion and the screw portion of the hook can be detected by the coil method.

Non-destructive testing of other parts of the port machinery can not be ignored. For example, the detection of important load-bearing axes such as the traveling axle, pulley shaft and reel shaft of the door crane can be performed by ultrasonic testing. Because ultrasonic testing has strong penetrating power and is sensitive to cracks at variable cross sections, it is very convenient for the detection of the shaft.

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